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Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia is an Arab state in Western Asia constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia is known around the world essay writters for being largest oil producer and exporter. Saudi Arabia is geographically the fifth-largest state in Asia with a land area of approximately 2, 150,000 km2. It is the only nation with both a Red Sea coast and an Arabian Gulf coast.
The Kingdom has devoted a great attention to the development of export, in accordance with the government’s comprehensive economic development strategies aiming at expansion of production base and diversification of income sources. Saudi exports have achieved a great success in penetrating international markets, and gave a positive image of Saudi products in terms of quality custom writting and price.


Al Farsi Developed Trading Group is a Saudi Group that is active in many fields’ one of them is imports & Exports with high commitment to international standards of quality and excellence.
Based in Jeddah, with representative offices in China, Dubai and Khartoum, through our network of offices we source products from all around the globe and optimize costs for our customers.
The group’s story starts in 1990 when the group founder Abdel Kareem Alfarsi a man of varied proficiencies established the first business unit of the group to work in the transportation sector, Since then the Group expanded its range of activities & products and established new markets all around the world, it’s been a matter of building on its success year by year to reach its ultimate objective which is to become a world renowned and a prominent international Trading group.
Supported by our international offices & strong trade network built over 30 Years of collaboration with the global market FOG promise its customers to source and supply products of the best standards from all over the world. While Alfarsi Developed Trading Group started its operation in transportation sector , it evolved through time to service all industries and markets. Now FOG offers its worldwide customers an extensive range of products from all categories such as Infrastructure & building materials, Heavy equipment, transportation & special purpose vehicles, industrial Chemicals & fertilizers, Machineries, electronics, food commodities, medicines and medical equipment.
Our Customer oriented approach, proficient work ethics and our expertise in providing the best product that suits our customer’s needs, has helped us gain satisfied customers from all around the globe.


To be leaders in international trade by providing a tangible
value in all our activities, by continuing our quest for
excellence & customer’s satisfaction.


A name equivalent to trust and reliability, FDG aims at offering its customers best value for money on the market, with an unparalleled commitment to high quality standards, proficient work ethicsand supreme customer service to deliver sustainable growth to all our stakeholders.

Al Farsi Developed Trading Group is a Saudi Group that is active in many fields. Need more? Feel free to contact us.

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