AL FARSI DEVELOPED TRADING GROUP is a Saudi Group that is active in many fields’
one of them is imports & Exports with high commitment to international standards of quality and excellence.

our values

Our customers come first.

  • Respect

    As is expected of us we shall respect and care for our people and communities by fostering an environment built upon honesty, trust, openness, and respect for all.

  • Fairness, Honesty & Transparency

    are values that are instilled across our whole organization and the people who work with us as we believe that fairness, honesty, & transparency are the basis for trust & success.

  • Integrity

    We honor our commitments, act according to our stated values, and hold ourselves to the highest ethical practices in our interactions with stakeholders.

  • Excellence

    We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do. This is by getting the job done right the first time, in an effective and efficient manner such that we exceed our customers’ expectations, and because we truly care, we are always keen on improving ourselves through attention to each detail.

  • Social values

    we are firm advocates of social responsibility that is why we seek to play a vital role in improving the social environment.

  • Accountability

    Behind every business decision we make lays experience, we shall be accountable to our stakeholders and shall recognize and reward our people for outstanding performance.

  • Reliability

    we understand that delivering on time means better business – not just for us, but for our customers

  • Knowledge & development

    we value knowledge and believe in continuous development, as we believe an experienced
    management and a highly proficient team of employees are our main asset.

To Our Customers

We Promise to

Serve them at a level that meets and exceeds their expectation.

Build a long prosperous partnership characterized by fairness and respect.

Strive to understand, anticipate and fulfill their

work together and achieve synergy, through the exchange of expertise, information and ideas for the development of our mutual business.

Reach out and get ever closer to them wherever
they are.

Take our commitment to a partnership very seriously. We do everything it takes to make partnerships work to their maximum potential To Help our partners to achieve their own market and business objectives.

Al Farsi Developed Trading Group is a Saudi Group that is active in many fields. Need more? Feel free to contact us.

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